Who you are:

You’re bright and ambitious, looking to make your mark in the world of either science, technology, engineering and math doing something you love. You’ve put in long hours to get where you are and always felt that if you just kept your head down and did great work that you’d be able to establish yourself in your profession, after which you’d be able to find time to enjoy all your other interests outside of work. You know you want to have a close circle of friends you can enjoy spending time with and opportunities to pursue your own personal interests, which are wide and varied. You’ve either found, or hope to find your soul mate, someone to share your life with, what follows is still unclear. One thing you know for sure is that you don’t want a one-sided, work centric life, devoid of all the other things you love. But your time in the workforce is raising doubts as to how you can achieve your ideal life because so many others seem to be burning out attempting it.


What your issues tend to be:

You’re troubled by how few others in your profession seem to be able to have it all – it seems it’s more of a juggling act trying to hold everything together than a balanced lifestyle. You thought you knew what you wanted but now you’re not so sure. When you tell others of your dreams and aspirations they throw cold water on them, telling you that you need to be more realistic and you don’t know how to counter their pessimism. And in spite of all the time you’ve put in to reach your current level of success the demands keep growing. It seems your past dedication to getting things done, even when it infringed on your personal time, has now become the expected norm for you. It’s harder and harder to get together with friends – and how you’ll ever meet your soul mate with all the time people expect you to be on the job is daunting. You can’t remember the last time you sat down and read a book just for the pleasure it brought – or the last real vacation you had that wasn’t interrupted by work. When you tried to say something a colleague merely smiled and said “you snooze – you loose”.   You’re becoming more torn by indecision about your future with every passing day and feel that the real you is slowly disappearing under the weight of other people’s expectations and demands.


What you need most right now:

What you need most right now is a good dose of clarity – about what you want, what’s important to you, what you want more of in your life and what you want less of. Right now everything seems to be getting out of hand and you need to focus on defining who you are so you can set boundaries and communicate your desires and goals to others. You need a simple step by step way to clear up the confusion and help you make the decisions necessary to move you toward the future of your dreams, where you can truly thrive each and every day, not merely survive as so many others do. You also need to identify your strengths and develop the skills required to leverage them to your advantage. You don’t need to struggle on your own – with the appropriate support you can side-step the roadblocks and challenges that have tripped up so many others and achieve everything you truly desire.


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