People often assume that because I’m an expert in what it takes to thrive that I’m always full-out thriving in all areas of my life and happily living the good life – not a worry in the world.

Well, sad to say it isn’t that simple, or easy. Life has a way of tripping you up even when you think things are running smoothly.  Take recently as I was finishing up some work so I could get ready to go away for a long weekend to visit my Mother, my daughter and her family and attend a 50th Wedding Anniversary for my sister-in-law and her husband.  Since it started with a 6 houTHRIVINGr drive it was obviously a jam-packed weekend.

Then the ceiling fell in on me – and I mean that literally!  As you can see by the picture above a huge chunk of the ceiling in the front hallway literally fell to the floor.  And once again I was reminded how much our approach to life affects our ability to THRIVE.  Instead of finishing my work and getting on with my packing I spent several hours cleaning up the debris thrown far and wide by the collapse.  I could have let that ruin my whole weekend by dwelling on the mess I had to clean up, the lost time to get ready to go away,  the problems of getting it fixed, not to mention the cost!  And those thoughts would most likely have lead to some pretty dreary emotions, which in turn would have affected my actions and outcomes.

But do you know what I felt immediately upon discovering what the strange noise I had heard was?  Immense relief and gratitude!  Yes, relief and gratitude.

You see I had been on my way through that hallway to my upstairs office to finish up some work before getting on with packing to go away.  And it is very likely that I would have been under the collapsed portion except for the fact as I headed that way I got a sudden urge to go back to the kitchen and get a drink of water.  I almost didn’t do it since I really wanted to finish up some work so I could get started packing, but the urge was so strong that I decided I might as well take time for a drink.

And that s likely why I was still able to go away for the weekend.  Because in spite of having to spend several hours cleaning up the I mess  I was unharmed.  And that’s a huge plus given that two of the ceiling chunks were at least 3ft by 4ft and were so heavy I could barely lift them – which is saying something as I’m used to throwing around 35 lb hay bales!  I’m not sure what they used to create their ceilings 98 years ago but it sure looked and weighted like cement!

So given what might have happened I figured that I got off lightly with several hours of cleaning up.  Of course I did have to shampoo my hair about 6 or seven times before it started to feel normal again!  And I’m still finding ‘plaster’ dust in other rooms – the bane of an open concept house I guess.

But once again I realized that how you view the world, what you think about what happens, plays a huge part in what you do and your results in life.  So if you want to THRIVE, don’t let negative thoughts pull you down.  Look for the positive in the situation – no matter how small.  After all if you’re thinking about something that happened, at least you’re alive!  And that’s as good a place to start as any to create a THRIVING  lifestyle.

So until the next time, keep calm and THRIVE on!

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Karen Switzer-Howse,

Canada’s Premier Thrive Synergy Strategist