I love Spring – especially after a particularly cold winter :-).  And this year it seemed like it was never coming but finally I think it’s here. I love seeing the first signs of Spring and have been watching closely for those first hardy spring wildflowers.  The first signs of life this year were actually the wild strawberry plants which seemed to be poking up everywhere.  But I know the wild violets and dog tooth violets can’t be far behind.

I think one of the reasons that I love spring so much is that it rewards hope.  Where I live in Canada the winters can be a tad cold and everything gets buried under snow, but of course we always hope for the coming of Spring and all the new growth that bursts forth.  Winter has a beauty all its’ own, but everything appears dead.  So the hope is that plants will survive the winter and with the coming of Spring will burst forth and bring new life to the land.  And every year (so far :-)) we’ve been rewarded for our wait and hope.

Spring reminds us that no matter what we saw around us over the long winter months there is in fact life slumbering under the snow cover just waiting for the right time to emerge.  And spring is that time.  We can’t lose hope that it will come and we can’t lose hope for the abundant plant growth that will re-emerge when the time is right.  And that hope is rewarded each Spring.  Maybe that’s why spring flowers always seem to be some of the most beautiful to me  – because they appear after what looks to be a lifeless Winter.  The contrast makes them seem all the more beautiful and more welcome.

And this is the same in other matters.  No matter what we see around us we must never give up hope for something better.  Hope is what keeps us going when everything looks bleak.  Hope is what gets us out of bed and has us try again in spite of yesterday’s failures.  And hope is what keeps us going when that small voice inside our head tells us that we might as well quit – we’ll never get it!  Whatever you do never give up hope for something better.  It may not happen immediately, and it may not happen when you want it to happen, but never stop hoping for that something better.  I think loss of hope is one of the worst things that can happen to someone, because without hope, people give up and stop trying.  And if you quit trying then of course you never will succeed.

So no matter how bleak it looks around you – never give up hope.  Remember, after the bleakness of Winter comes the beauty of Spring.  And your successes will be all the sweeter after the failures of the past.


Spring Bloom

Until the next time – Thrive on :-)!





Karen Switzer-Howse

Canada’s Premier ThriveSynergy Strategist