Intrigued by the thought of THRIVING?


You really like the concept of THRIVING, but think it’s just for other people, not for people like you?

And yet in-spite of that…..

  • Do you still wonder what you’re missing – why you can’t enjoy the same level of success you see other women enjoying?
  • Do you feel stressed out and pulled in a thousand different directions – and don’t know what to do about it?
  • Are you frustrated because your co-workers, and boss, don’t take you seriously?
  • Do you sometimes lie awake at night, worried that you’re failing your family, your job, yourself – or all three?
  • Have your dreams of making a real difference in the world faded into the background, buried under your efforts to deal with never-ending change and  just get through the day?

If so, we need to talk, because it doesn’t have to be that way – there are solutions!    I know because I used to have to deal with all the above mentioned issues and more – and for a long while I figured there must be something wrong with me because no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to change.  BUT I WAS WRONG!


We definitely need to talk if you think THRIVING isn’t for people like you – because you are capable of increasing your THRIVE-ABILITY – of creating your own THRIVING lifestyle.  You just have to take the first step and decide you want to THRIVE!   Then determine what THRIVING means for you,  how best to get there and create and follow your plan!

And I’d love to help you design and create that plan.  Using everything I’ve learned (and I have the bruises and t-shirt to prove it) from my own personal experiences of melding a demanding professional career with a hectic family life plus numerous outside responsibilities, augmented with extensive research and personal and professional development programs I’ve taken part in,  I’ve created the T.H.R.I.V.E. Synergy for Authentic Fulfilling Success™ Program “.    This program is especially designed for busy professional women in STEM who want to step into larger leadership roles while living their life fully, with WITHOUT REGRETS OR GUILT!  It’s a simple, easy to follow seven step program delivered in bite-size pieces that guides you through what you need to know and do to really THRIVE, without overwhelming you !

The  T.H.R.I.V.E. Synergy for Authentic Fulfilling Success™ Program


T. = Take Time to Take Stock

It’s always best to begin at the beginning so the first step will help you take stock of your current life and where it falls short of a THRIVING life, then we’ll focus on what your life would look like if your were THRIVING, living fully, without regrets.   A major obstacle to THRIVING for many people is that they have never taken the time to clarify what they want in their life, although they likely have an idea of what they don’t want.    Before you can enhance your THRIVE-ABILITY you have to have a clear picture of  what you really want your life to be like  and how that differs from your current situation.  As you develop clarity around what you want and need to THRIVE you’ll be able to identify what might be slowing you down or keeping you from achieving your more THRIVING  lifestyle.   By the end of this step you will be able to not only see the gaps between what you currently have and your THRIVING future but will be able to recognize where small tweaks can leverage big gains in enhanced THRIVE-ABILITY


H.= Harness the Power of YOU!

This second step is all about YOU – discovering and honouring your unique gifts and qualities and your own unique brilliance so you can shine brightly as the star that you are in a life that truly is your own.  Self-awareness and acceptance are key to leading an authentic, more harmonious, happier life.  As you learn about your innate characteristics and traits you’ll see how you’re actually hard-wired to respond to certain events and in certain ways.  You’ll also discover why you react the way you do when dealing with others, why you just seem to click with some people while others can rub you the wrong way just by walking in the room!   As you come to better understand and appreciate your innate attributes and style and see how these guide your actions you will be able to better self-manage and self-lead, stepping forward with more self-confidence and self-assurance, comfortable and at ease no matter who you’re dealing with.  The ability to self-manage and self-lead are important in developing relationships with others, both personal and professional, and in helping you create a more authentic, less stressful, happier life.


R.= Re-Energize Your Days and Re-Vitalize Your Life

To really THRIVE and enjoy life fully you need to identify the activities that energize you and provide meaning to your days as well as those that drag you down, so you can incorporate more of the former and reduce the latter as much as possible. When you are really clear on what’s most important to you and what deep-seated desires play a role in decision making you will stop second guessing yourself and experience greater harmony and happiness in your life.  Knowing what drives you and what energizes you will help you make better decisions faster with less stress and doubt.


I.= Integrate And Implement  for Increased Influence and Impact

It’s really all about integration!  You will learn a simple system to integrate and align your knowledge, skills, abilities and values to create a plan that will enable you to THRIVE in all areas of your life as you achieve greater Influence and Impact with Integrity.  You’ll develop a Purpose based on your core values and define the Principles that will guide your future actions in support of “Key Success Strategies”.  You’ll also create some simple ‘Dashboard’ gauges so you can quickly evaluate how well you’re actions are supporting achievement of your ‘Key Success Strategies’.   You’ll discover how purposeful actions backed by values based decisions and principles also strengthen your Inter-personal relationships, which in turn fuel your ability to THRIVE .  With a clear plan to guide you developed from your own characteristics, core desires and principles and a simple method for keeping you on track you will discover how much easier it is to move forward when everything feels so right for you.


V.= Value Your Vital Connections to Yourself and Others

Increasing your ability to THRIVE will move you outside your comfort zone and establishing and maintaining strong connections with your authentic self and others is very important as these connections are the pillars that support your ultimate success  Once you start implementing your Plan you may start to have doubts, people may discourage you from making changes so you need to ensure that you have the necessary level of support for success – nobody achieves great things without ‘a little help from their friends’. Strengthening your “Vital Connections” to yourself, to others and to your higher purpose combined with values-based decision making will lead to more authentic and fulfilling success.  Creating and strengthening your Vital Connections to others will not only provide you with a network of support for when you start to have doubts but also give you a sounding board to bounce new ideas off of and get other perspectives.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help – you don’t have to do it all yourself.  Different perspectives and new ideas from others can be an enormous boost to creating a THRIVING lifestyle so strengthening these Vital Connections will further assist you in THRIVING and living the life you really want.


E.= Evaluate Effectiveness –  Eliminate The Blocks

Evaluating the effectiveness of the various components of your Action Plan and using your Dashboard gauges to see your progress towards a more THRIVING lifestyle will help you uncover those areas where any ongoing obstacles, including previously unrecognized beliefs and mental blocks, might be sub-optimizing your success.  Once uncovered it is much easier to eliminate these hurdles, including the internal roadblocks and resistance which may be slowing you down or standing in your way, so you can tweak your Action Plan where necessary and take the next steps.  This step is extremely important because we often don’t realize how we are standing in our own way and sub-optimizing our own actions, even when we say we really want something.  Once you’ve eliminated both the external AND internal roadblocks you’ll be amazed at how rapidly you’ll enhance your ability to THRIVE.


Savor Your Success!

Too often people are so caught up in looking towards the BIG goal that they overlook each success along the way.  And that’s a mistake. The bottom line is you need to celebrate each and every success along the way, no matter how small.  Too often we wait till we’ve reached our “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” before we take time to give ourselves a pat on the back. And in doing so we lose steam because we don’t seem to be making an progress (I know because I was guilty of this in the past).  Even a big goal is made up of small steps, especially the goal of a THRIVING lifestyle as it addresses all areas of your life.  Achieving each small step along the way is worthy of celebration, so this an important step to helping you recognize all that you achieve on your journey and maintain momentum as you work on enhancing your over-all THRIVE-ABILITY.  Although this is listed as the final step it is in fact woven throughout the  program, ensuring that you will never loose sight of each and every achievement and that you will take time to savor every one of them


Now if you are a self-starter and feel confident that you can do it once someone provides you with some ideas on how to get started on your way, then you can use the sign up form at the top right side of this page or click on the following link to get your own copy of the free Thrive-Ability Jump-Start Kit.  This will provide you with a Thrive-Ability Audit to help you identify areas that could yield good return for time spent, as well as a collections of tools and worksheets to help you make changes.