Looking for a Speaker?

Karen is available to speak to groups and organizations as well as at conferences. The objective and focus of her keynotes and sessions are always the same: to help busy family oriented professionals and women working in the science-based and technical professions master the art and science of  THRIVING through the development of personal and professional synergy.

Karen can develop custom presentations based around any of the topics on this website for organizational retreats, conferences and other events. She is also available for “Lunch and Learn” sessions in Eastern Ontario.

Sample presentation themes and topics include:


How to THRIVE through turbulent times via the development of personal and professional synergy so one can live life fully, with no regrets
Leadership skills for women working in traditionally male dominated environments
Dealing with stress

Topic Areas Include:

* Thriving, a new perspective on productivity, performance and success

* frustrations of dealing with interpersonal issues in the workplace
* conflict and dis-harmony on teams, often due to gender mis-understandings
* intolerance of diversity, new ways of doing things
* influence and impact even when not in a formal leadership role
* overwhelm and stress from too much to do, too few resources to do it and little support from others

* understanding of individual differences and implications
* tools to recognize and handle differences and diversity in people
* understanding of how to communicate to influence and persuade
* information and tools to improve self-management & self-leadership for enhanced leadership of others

If you’re looking for an experienced, dynamic speaker, contact Karen to discuss your needs.