Spring – Finally!

I love Spring - especially after a particularly cold winter :-).  And this year it seemed like it was never coming but finally I think it's here. I love seeing the first signs of Spring and have been watching closely for those first hardy spring wildflowers.  The first signs of life this year were actually [...]

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What Are You Putting Off?

It's come around once again.  April 9th. It's not Good Friday this year like it was 11 years ago (that was last week and brought up memories early) but the weather is similar, a little chilly and not overly sunny. April 9th was the day my husband died and, as this day always does, it [...]

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Welcome to ThriveSynergy

Hi, I'm Karen Switzer-Howse and I've decided it's time to take a stand for THRIVING!  Yes, I know the economy isn't the greatest, but that's only an excuse to do nothing.  After all more people became millionaires during the Depression than ever before - so some people didn't use it as an excuse to hunker [...]

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