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Where Are You on Your To-Do List?

One of the hardest things to do I found when I was working full time and raising four children was to make time to take care of myself.  There always seemed to be something that needed to be done - another load of laundry, baking cookies for a school party, picking up something needed for [...]

A Little Bit of Happiness…

To-day, March 20th 2014, is International Happiness Day.  It seems in our busy day to day lives we often don't make happiness a priority.  We say we want it - in fact in survey carried out at the Day of Happiness site 87% said they would prefer to live in a society with the greatest [...]

Don’t ‘Should’ All Over Yourself

Once again the holiday season is upon us and looking at the expressions on the faces of many of the people as they rush around trying to complete their "To-Do List" it's hard to see it as a time of thankfulness, peace and goodwill. Stress levels seem to skyrocket at this time of year as [...]

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How To Deal With Change to Enhance Your Thrive-Ability

How do you view change - do you see it as something to fear, to try and avoid?  Or something that's a part of life and can bring wonderful new experiences?  Recently I took part in a very interesting facilitated lunch time discussion on “change”.  It started off by setting the stage with an interesting [...]

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Tired of Feeling Guilty When Family Duties Call? Maybe It’s Time for a Frank Discussion

I just read a really interesting and though provoking article on “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” by Anne-Marie Slaughter that appeared in The Atlantic, as well as her follow-up comments, “The ‘Having It All’ Debate Convinced Me to Stop Saying ‘Having It All’.  Basically her premise is that the predominate workplace cultures existing [...]

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Is Your Summer Spoiled by School Year Conditioning?

Do you remember how you looked forward with anticipation to the end of the school term?  No more hitting the books, no more tests, no more long-winded lectures, just long lazy days to do what you wanted to do?  Last week I wrote about how summer vacations can be hazardous to your health and during [...]

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Be Careful – Vacations Can Be Hazardous to Your Health!

It’s amazing the number of people that I’ve worked with that seem in worse condition after a holiday than before!  Usually they’ve looked forward to their vacation for ages and have spent considerable time planning and preparing for it.  In fact often the lead up to a vacation seems to create even more stress than [...]

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Dream Big and Carry On

This morning I watched the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team score in the 2 minute 'stoppage time" to win the Bronze medal for Women’s Soccer at the 2012 Olympics.  It was quite a feat, when you consider that just a year ago at the FIFA World Cup Championships they had lost every game they played and [...]

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Balance is For the Birds!

The issue of work-Life balance comes up a lot when in coaching conversations with people. And they seem genuinely shocked when I tell them that I think balance is for the birds - the feathered variety. I mean after all, have you ever looked at something that is balanced? Take a look at any bird [...]

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So…..Just How Resilient Are You?

I got quite a surprise when I woke up Monday morning and looked out the window - it was snowing, and quite heavily at that! Now since we've had some reasonably warm weather this spring the trees were definitely leafing out and the flowers were in bloom, so I knew that the heavy wet snow [...]

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