Look on the Bright Side

Ever have one of those days - or maybe weeks - or even months - when everything seems to be falling apart and going to 'hell' in a hand-basket?  Well I've just had a few weeks like that - and it wasn't much fun! My plan had been  to post on spring and the joy [...]

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To Thrive… or Not To Thrive

People often assume that because I’m an expert in what it takes to thrive that I’m always full-out thriving in all areas of my life and happily living the good life - not a worry in the world. Well, sad to say it isn’t that simple, or easy. Life has a way of tripping you [...]

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Let’s Celebrate Spring!

I love spring.  There's something so vital and refreshing about the emergence of new growth after the winter months that just can't help but put a smile on your face.  I love the smell of spring - it reminds me there's always a new beginning just waiting to be enjoyed.  And I enjoy going on [...]

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