Are You Speaking Clearly?

Recently I've noticed that people often don't speak in a manner that supports clear communication.  They leave hurried phone messages that are practically unintelligible, they mumble behind their hand, look down at the table at meetings or  look anywhere but at you when speaking to you.   It seems as if they're not really sure they [...]

Why Don’t They Listen When We Speak?

An issue that always seemed to come up whenever I got a chance to talk to other women working in my field was “what do we have to do to be heard?”.  It seemed that we had all experienced various forms of ‘invisibility’ at meetings and team sessions.  Of course one of the most irritating [...]

How to Make Team Values Work for You – Not Against You

Having a clearly defined set of values that everybody supports and adheres to as a guide for decision making and the actions of a group can be a great way to increase the ability of the group to THRIVE.  The power of values to align and support effective team work has been written about and [...]