Celebrating a Life Well Lived

This coming Saturday is my Mom's 90th Birthday.  We're planning  Birthday Party for her, after all reaching 90 years is quite an accomplishment and deserves to be recognized.  And as part of the celebration I'm going through her photograph albums and pictures to select some to be scanned and used in a slide show that [...]

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In Loving Memory of Red…

In spite of good intentions and a well laid out plan, last Thursday's blog post never got written - I had it outlined but before I could actually write it it became obvious that what had first presented itself as lameness in my horse Red was turning into something far more serious.  And in spite [...]

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A Little Bit of Happiness…

To-day, March 20th 2014, is International Happiness Day.  It seems in our busy day to day lives we often don't make happiness a priority.  We say we want it - in fact in survey carried out at the Day of Happiness site 87% said they would prefer to live in a society with the greatest [...]

Let’s Celebrate Spring!

I love spring.  There's something so vital and refreshing about the emergence of new growth after the winter months that just can't help but put a smile on your face.  I love the smell of spring - it reminds me there's always a new beginning just waiting to be enjoyed.  And I enjoy going on [...]

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