Are You Your Own Greatest Obstacle to Success?

This is really directed to all the talented women out there that, for whatever reason, aren't yet achieving at the level they're capable of.  One thing nobody can deny is that women are under represented in senior leadership positions, both in the private and public sectors.  Study after study confirms this.   I’m currently reading a [...]

How to Make Team Values Work for You – Not Against You

Having a clearly defined set of values that everybody supports and adheres to as a guide for decision making and the actions of a group can be a great way to increase the ability of the group to THRIVE.  The power of values to align and support effective team work has been written about and [...]

Tired of Feeling Guilty When Family Duties Call? Maybe It’s Time for a Frank Discussion

I just read a really interesting and though provoking article on “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” by Anne-Marie Slaughter that appeared in The Atlantic, as well as her follow-up comments, “The ‘Having It All’ Debate Convinced Me to Stop Saying ‘Having It All’.  Basically her premise is that the predominate workplace cultures existing [...]

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ThriveSynergy – Have You Got It?

How confident are you that you're  leveraging your unique combination of your strengths, your knowledge, your expertise, your experience, your values and your passions so that you can truly Thrive?   A THRIVER IS... someone who THRIVES, who is comfortable with who they are and what they are doing with their life. They are flourishing, [...]

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Is Your Summer Spoiled by School Year Conditioning?

Do you remember how you looked forward with anticipation to the end of the school term?  No more hitting the books, no more tests, no more long-winded lectures, just long lazy days to do what you wanted to do?  Last week I wrote about how summer vacations can be hazardous to your health and during [...]

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Be Careful – Vacations Can Be Hazardous to Your Health!

It’s amazing the number of people that I’ve worked with that seem in worse condition after a holiday than before!  Usually they’ve looked forward to their vacation for ages and have spent considerable time planning and preparing for it.  In fact often the lead up to a vacation seems to create even more stress than [...]

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Dream Big and Carry On

This morning I watched the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team score in the 2 minute 'stoppage time" to win the Bronze medal for Women’s Soccer at the 2012 Olympics.  It was quite a feat, when you consider that just a year ago at the FIFA World Cup Championships they had lost every game they played and [...]

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Balance is For the Birds!

The issue of work-Life balance comes up a lot when in coaching conversations with people. And they seem genuinely shocked when I tell them that I think balance is for the birds - the feathered variety. I mean after all, have you ever looked at something that is balanced? Take a look at any bird [...]

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Let’s Celebrate Spring!

I love spring.  There's something so vital and refreshing about the emergence of new growth after the winter months that just can't help but put a smile on your face.  I love the smell of spring - it reminds me there's always a new beginning just waiting to be enjoyed.  And I enjoy going on [...]

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So…..Just How Resilient Are You?

I got quite a surprise when I woke up Monday morning and looked out the window - it was snowing, and quite heavily at that! Now since we've had some reasonably warm weather this spring the trees were definitely leafing out and the flowers were in bloom, so I knew that the heavy wet snow [...]

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