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Where Are You on Your To-Do List?

One of the hardest things to do I found when I was working full time and raising four children was to make time to take care of myself.  There always seemed to be something that needed to be done - another load of laundry, baking cookies for a school party, picking up something needed for [...]

Look on the Bright Side

Ever have one of those days - or maybe weeks - or even months - when everything seems to be falling apart and going to 'hell' in a hand-basket?  Well I've just had a few weeks like that - and it wasn't much fun! My plan had been  to post on spring and the joy [...]

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The Life of a Recovering Perfectionist

It's not easy combining a rewarding career with a fulfilling and happy personal life - especially if you have a strong tendency to seek perfection in every thing you do!  It took a while but many years ago I had to face reality and accept that combining my professional life as an environmental scientist with [...]

How Enduring Is Your Support Circle?

Over the last few weeks I have spent many hours going over my Mother's pictures and slides as I put together a slide show for her 90th Birthday.  And one of the things that stood out is that her circle of friends remained pretty constant over more than 60 years. And while a good number [...]

Celebrating a Life Well Lived

This coming Saturday is my Mom's 90th Birthday.  We're planning  Birthday Party for her, after all reaching 90 years is quite an accomplishment and deserves to be recognized.  And as part of the celebration I'm going through her photograph albums and pictures to select some to be scanned and used in a slide show that [...]

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Spring – Finally!

I love Spring - especially after a particularly cold winter :-).  And this year it seemed like it was never coming but finally I think it's here. I love seeing the first signs of Spring and have been watching closely for those first hardy spring wildflowers.  The first signs of life this year were actually [...]

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What Are You Putting Off?

It's come around once again.  April 9th. It's not Good Friday this year like it was 11 years ago (that was last week and brought up memories early) but the weather is similar, a little chilly and not overly sunny. April 9th was the day my husband died and, as this day always does, it [...]

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When Plans Go Awry!

Or, to put it another way,  ' when everything goes to he** in a hand-basket'!  Has this ever happened to you? Well, it happened to me last week. I had my week all nicely planned out (after all they say if you fail to plan then you're planning to fail) and figured that I'd get [...]

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To Thrive… or Not To Thrive

People often assume that because I’m an expert in what it takes to thrive that I’m always full-out thriving in all areas of my life and happily living the good life - not a worry in the world. Well, sad to say it isn’t that simple, or easy. Life has a way of tripping you [...]

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Want to Buy Happiness?

You're likely as familiar with the phrase "money can't buy happiness" as I am, but did you know that it's only partly true?  Recent research has found that money can buy happiness - if it's spent on the right things.  It seems that when we buy "stuff" any positive feelings we experience soon dissipate and [...]

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