I had never imagined that the ISIS [Integrated Strategic Intention System] coaching process you used with us could be that powerful in bringing about such a transformation with the team. …. [I could] never have dreamt of doing without the full support of my “new” team and the further support we got from our Board as they gained confidence from experiencing the leadership we demonstrated as a team.
J.-Y. L., Exec. Dir., Canadian Co-Operative Association (Past)


“I was amazed by both your compassion and your high energy. You made the workshop not only educational, but entertaining, and your tips and tricks for self-coaching really hit the mark. They were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!”
J., Workshop Participant


“Your in-depth knowledge of the topic came through loud and clear, and there was a lot of credibility in your message. It was a pleasure having you and we all learned something new hearing you speak.”
M.Q., Project Manager, Brockville


“I can feel and share your emotions through the examples you used. Your conclusion was very upbeat, and you moved the emotions of the group. We are all now pumped and motivated! Thank you!.”
Executive, EDC, Ottawa, Ontario